Dark Hedges

Whiles in the North on Saturday, I decided to visit the Dark Hedges, as it has been on my list of locations to go to for years. I planned to be there for sunset at 16:12. When I got there, there were tourists all doing the same thing as me. This is where things went a little wrong for me, firstly, I brought the wrong lens, then there was no sunset, which I knew was going to happen as the light had been so flat and grey all day, also the bottom shot is out of focus. I still kind of like it though. As you can see from the photos below, I was at the location for some time, mostly because I was talking to a lovely man, who has been photographing these trees for forty years. I then tried to get some long exposure, creepy night shots, which didn’t work, as you can see. I could have stayed longer, but, I had made myself a little nervous about hanging around a dark road, on my own, that has a lot of traffic on it, that is not local. Of course, the story that I was told of the ghost of the Grey Lady who hunts on the neighbouring lane had nothing to do with it. I’m glad to know where it is, and I will return on another occasion soon, with the right gear and hopefully with better light.

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