Offshoot Projects #1

Offshoot Photographic Society, the camera club that I am a member of has an option for members to take part in Projects. This means that the individual member picks a subject/topic that they would like to improve and over the year you produce four images, one per session, that then get critiqued by an outside Judge. When you hand in your images you include a sheet on the back that explains to the Judge what exactly it is you are trying to achieve, this helps the Judge with his critique. After each session, you take the advice you have been given and try to apply it to the next image so that by the end of the year, you will have improved your skills. This year, my aim is to improve my macro skills. the image below is my first entry to the project programme. Next year, I will try to improve my woodland photography.

I can already see elements that I can improve upon in this image, for example, that brown stick that meets the head of the snowdrop, that needs to go. I tried to edit it out last night and I just made a massive mess, so it can stay for now, and I will just have to be more observant next time. The composition of this image is not great, the focus could probably be improved by being focused on the head of the flower rather than the top. The insect may or may not add something to the photo, I can’t decide, but, I left it anyway. I do like the colours, subject and bokeh. I wish I had layered the image more, with out of focus leaves in front of the snowdrop, I also like how the light is hitting the flower.

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