Chatbook Photobook Review

I have a Flickr Pro Account, and as part of that Flickr has some offers that they call ‘Pro Perks’. One of these is a free photobook of your own images worth $10, you only have to pay the shipping, in my case that was €4. I decided to take up this offer, as I have experimented with a view different photobook companies in the past, including Parabo Press and Blurb. A link to the Parabo Press Review is below. This book took a little while to arrive , it was not particularly quick, it was coming from America, so that is understandable. The book is a small square book with a soft cover. The photo on the cover is a full bleed image that stops at the white spine with a matt finish.

Inside the images are not full bleed. The paper quality of both the cover and the pages inside is nice. The images seem to have been printed on a lustre paper, I think this is a nice option. The colour of the images is accurate and the whole little book is a pleasure to hold and flick through. This book was very quick and easy to make and I have now joined their subscription service, where every 60 photos that you upload to Instagram (in my case) they will send you a book of those images. I used the app as they suggested and it was incredibly quick and easy to use.

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