FujiColour C200 35mm Film

A recent trip to Marlay Park, on a lovely Summers day for a Pinhole Workshop, enabled me to take my Canon 300V loaded with a roll of FujiColour C200 film for an outing. I am trying to keep better notes on what film I used with which camera, in an effort to help me decide which are my preferred emulsion and camera combinations. I had developed a habit of keeping my film for ‘special occasions’, this led me to start a mini project where I try to shoot a roll at each location I visit. These photos were taken in two of my favourite parts of the Park, the Courtyard and Walled Garden. The chicken pictured was relaxing around the corner and hidden from the rest of her flock, it would have been good to get closer to her, so that I could fill the frame with her, but, I didn’t want to disturb her. I can see where I could improve the composition of some of these photos.



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