Infrared Film Workshop with Monochrome Meath

Peter Fitzsimons from Monochrome Meath runs a number of film photography workshops, I have attended four of them so far. The photos below came from the Infrared workshop that was held last Saturday. These events are always a lot of fun and I learn an awful lot from Peter during his workshops. The difficulty we had on this occassion is that the weather was not bright enough for us to get the best IR effect that we could have on another day. Trim has a ton of history and wonderful locations to photograph. The photos below were developed by me at home, so they are not perfect. The effect of IR is interesting, as you can see the grass and tree leaves have turned white. I need to buy an appropriate filter so that I can shot this style again in the future. Peter debunked some myths about shooting IR, including the idea that you can only shot in Spring. Peter also runs a film and film accessories shop, so I have included links to both his sites below. Thank you for reading my post.

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