GoPro Leaked Information

Today a number of websites released what they claim is leaked information about the upcoming release of the GoPro Hero 8. I would have linked one of the articles here, but, the site would not let me, sorry. I have, however, linked my post from a few days ago below.

In short, it seems that the GoPro Hero 8, will have some new accessories, which will include a little screen that you can attach to the cold shoe on the top of the camera frame, other options will include a teeny little LED light. Another change, is that there will be an external mic as well as other items that have yet to be announced. Apparently there will be a new design with optional housing and a GP2 chip. You will be able to now shoot 4K video at 120fps, full HD video at 480 fps together with an improved lens and  (unconfirmed) 12MP image sensor.

One problem I see that will probably be solved by either GoPro or a third party company, is that users may wish to use more than one accessory at a time, but there is one cold shoe, so I imagine someone will release some sort of cold shoe adaptor, to enable you to use more than one thing at a time.

I look forward to seeing this camera.

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