Photography during a Pandemic

I have been meaning to write this post for a long time, as there has been a gap on my Blog from September 2019 until now, January 2021. The main reason for this is the Global Covid-19 Pandemic. Covid-19 officially hit Irish shores on the 29th of February 2020, when I heard about the first confirmed case, I was hiking in the snowy hills of Wicklow. A place I have not had the opportunity to go back since, due to various Lockdowns and movement restrictions. The Wicklow Dublin border is only a few KM’s from my home, and Wicklow is a place that I have spent a lot of time and I go there a lot in ‘normal’ times, so it is unprecedented for me to not have been in Wicklow for this long, it has never happened before in my life. The effect of Covid-19 on my photography is that I didn’t take many photos in 2020, other than ones related to the Pandemic. I had no intention in posting them, as they were just for a personal project to help me document this extraordinary time, but, I think I might post some of them. Most of my photography last year was shot on film, I use both digital and analogue formats, but, I tend to shoot film more when I am experimenting or just messing around. I will post them in separate posts to this one.

Stay safe.

5 Replies to “Photography during a Pandemic”

  1. Stay safe and healthy and how exciting that you might share some of your photos – it sounds like you are letting your muse lead as time unfolds – and cheers to 2021 – good things are I store and that trail you hike sounds amazing

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