Revolog Tesla 2 35mm film

This is the first and so far only roll of Revolog Tesla 2 film I have shot and I think I shot it on my Canon 3000V. During the Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown in Dublin, May 2020, I snuck into town early one day, making sure that I was socially distanced, as I wanted to record what some of the city looked like in Lockdown. I walked from Stephens Green down to the Liffey and back, as I didn’t want the trip to be a long one. I brought a number of film stocks with me as well as more than one camera, so that I could capture as much as possible. It was bizarre to see everywhere so quiet. When I deciding what film to bring with me, I knew that I had to bring the Revolog Tesla 2 that had been sitting in my fridge for a few years, as I thought the unpredictable red lightening effect would add to the unsettling emptiness of the city. It is only in recent times that I decided to show these images, as they were just meant as a private documentation of an extraordinary situation. However, I have neglected my Blog for a while, so I thought I better do something about that. I like the effect of the red streaks and the muted warm tones of the film. I will buy another role, when they are available again and shoot the film fresh to see did the time delay make any difference. I had the film processed at a lab rather than at home, as I wanted to make sure that the role was successfully processed, and not messed up by me. I will have a separate post for the role of Lomo Metropolis that I shot on the same day.

This 35mm, ISO 200 colour film comes in a roll of 24 frames. Revolog is a small Austrian based company that is passionate about giving photographers more creative options and opportunities for experimentation. There is a Tesla 1 stock too, which has a white streak rather than a red one.

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