Holga Week 2022 – Day One

Holga Week is an annual photographic event that celebrates the humble Holga and runs from the 1st to the 7th of October.

I frequently miss it, so this year I made a concerted attempt to take part as I have a number of Holgas and love messing with them. They say that if you can get a good image out of a Holga you know what you are doing with a camera. I, however, am still chasing a decent image out of mine.

On the first day that I went out taking pictures (October 1st) I took out a pinhole Holga loaded with Foma 100, which I shot in Bulloch Harbour in Dalkey, I also shot some Lomo Redscale in the same location on my Holga 120N, which has a plastic lens. The final camera I brought with me was my Holga 120GCFN which I shot in an incredibly windy Sally Gap in Wicklow. All these cameras take 120 film and I have them set up to shoot 6×6 images, so I get 12 images per roll.

As is the way with Holga’s things did not go smoothly for me. I shot a role of film with the lens cap still on, then I reloaded the film and shot it again, all the while, the back of the camera kept throwing itself on the ground. I presume that should anything come out on this roll that it will be a hot mess. To give these images the best chance I am going to have them developed in a lab. I could do it myself at home, but, the lab does a better job. I used a tripod in an effort to improve my chances of getting a good image.

I will upload some images when I get the photos back.

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