My Holga Collection

I presently have eight Holga cameras, six of which shot 120, one uses 35mm and one is digital. I really enjoy the aesthetic that you can get from Holga’s and I love how they strip down all your decisions to the very basics and encourage your creativity, this is due to both the lack of buttons and options available on the cameras, as well as the fact that they use film, so at most, with the 120 cameras you have 16 possible images available to you. Obviously, the 35mm cameras will have up to 36 images available and the little digital has as many images as you can fit on your memory card.

Each camera has its own quirks and foibles that you need to work with. I find that should I need some inspiration or some help with creativity, taking out a Holga always makes me both think and smile. They are inexpensive little cameras, so if you have an opportunity to pick one up, you might enjoy it. They are the complete opposite of the perfection we expect from digital.

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