365 Project 2017

I have failed at completing my 2017 365 Project. I might try again later in the year. Things became hectic, so I was unable to give the project the amount of thought and effort that I would like to have done. I could have continued by just taking snaps, but, I really wanted something a …

365 Project – January Round Up

These are my favourite four photos from January. I thought I had already posted this, but, it seems I had not. I will improve on the photos I took in January, by including differnet techniques and locations. Thanks for looking at my site.  

365 Project – Week 5

Time is flying along and I need to organise my ideas better for my 365. This is my crop of shots for this week. Next week, this week was a mixture of photos taken on my Lumix and my Phone. Next week I am intending to use my big camera with a Lensbaby Lens.

365 Project – Week 4

The last three weeks I have used my Lumix Lx100 as my camera of choice for the 365. This week I decided to use my phone. Next week, I will use a different camera. This is in effort to use the abilities and limitations of each camera to influence the shots that I take.

365 Project – Week 3

This was a poor week for me, I have a couple of shots that I like, but, I need to organise myself better, in order to get the photos I want. Thank you for looking at my photos.  

365 Project – Week 1

These are the photos from my first week of the new 365 Project. I need to do better next week. If you are doing a Project this year, please share the link to it, as I would love to look at it. Thank you.