ThunderRoad Cafe

Thunder Road Cafe is a fun American themed Restaurant that has been in the heart of Templebar in Dublin for the last 21 years. The food is incredible and the staff are lovely people. ThunderRoad is always worth visiting. If you are there around 9pm, everyone dances to YMCA. There is so much to look …

Thank you

Thank you so much for reading my posts, looking at my photos and following my blog this year, I greatly appreciate it. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2018. See you next year!  

V by Very Blog Awards Ireland 2017

I got an email today informing me that my blog has been Shortlisted! I am thrilled with this news. Thanks to the Judging Panel for including me on such a great list. I really appreciate it. V by Very Blog Awards Ireland 2017

Camera Club Memberships

I am a member of a Camera Club, and I am thrilled that I joined one, as my¬†photographic knowledge has improved¬†dramatically, due to the proximity of people with the same interest in photography. Most clubs have a number of guest speakers over the course of the year, who will explain their specialist field, as well …