Holga Camera Guide

Originally Chinese in origin, the Holga is a cheap Lofi plastic film camera with a plastic lens with a focal length of 60mm that uses 120mm film, mostly, there are 35mm camera options too. They were originally used in giveaways until they became popular for photography students and fans. To focus, rotate the barrel of the lens …

Holga 120N & HP5

I have a backlog of film to develop in my Darkroom, so last week, I processed six rolls of black and white HP5 from Ilford. I love HP5 and I think the film from Ilford is fantastic. Anyway, I shot these images last year in Dublin. My eye is frequently caught by Street Art, Textures …

52 Rolls/366 Week 3

I have been ill for the last three weeks, so, it was more of a question of getting the photos taken and processed, rather than any major effort being applied.

52 Rolls – Week 2

This is my week two roll a little later then planned, this is because I have a chest infection, which is messing with my Asthma. I had a bit more success this week than last week. Although I am still getting extremes in exposure. Hey ho. Here are my efforts. Thanks for looking.