January 2018 Review

January was a quiet month for me photography wise, so these are three photos that reflect what I shot. I like the lady in the cinema covering her face, I can't decide if she is laughing or sneezing, she is talking to someone, so I hope she was laughing. The body language and expressions of …

IFI -Land of the Enlightened

Another film that featured at the IFI Documentary Festival was the 'Land of the enlightened'. This Q&A involved the Translator for the film as well as the film maker. It was great to hear a man from Afghanistan views on the film and the attitude of Irish people to Afghanistan.  

IFI – Childhood of a Leader Q&A

Liam Cunningham came to the latest IFI Q&A to answer questions about the newest film he is in, 'The Childhood of a Leader'. The session was humorous and animated. Liam is great to listen to and the audience seemed to enjoy the experience.  


This was one of the ongoing series of Q&A's that the IFI run during the year. This Q&A focused on the film VIVA. Viva is an Irish made Cuban film, about a Drag Queen and his emotional relationship with his Father. The Film's Director, Paddy Breathnach was present with the Writer, Mark O'Halloran, the person …