Waterford Walls

On Saturday I took part in the Waterford Walls Tour of the Street Art installed during the Festival last week. Some of the pieces below are from previous Festivals, Waterford Walls is now in its fourth year. This was the second time that I visited this Festival and once again I was blown away by the amazing talent on display. One of my favourite street artists Dan Leo had a few pieces on view. I really enjoy being introduced to new artists, this year Dan Kitchener was one of the artists that stood out for me. The bottom three photos are of his piece, two detail shots and one overall shot so that you can see the scale of this piece.  I also loved the owl, I can’t remember the name of the Artist, but, it is an amazing piece of work.


Waterford Walls Project
Will St Ledger Street Art Tour
IGers Dublin Street Art Photowalk
Street Art by Solus

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