Olympus Trip XB3 Big Finder Camera

I found this Olympus Trip XB3 Big Finder 35mm Point and Shoot Camera in our house and immediately adopted it, as is my habit. I loaded a roll of Ilford HP5+, and went to a local park to see what it could do. I have included three of the photos below. My favourite feature of this camera is that when it rewinds the film, it leaves some of the leader sticking out from the canister, so it is easy to load onto the reel for development. This could be useful for double exposures, so I will try that soon. The camera is completely automatic and has minimal controls, as you can see from the photos below. The photos that come from the camera are not bad, and the quality issues with the scans below are due to me using different scanning software than usual. It is an incredibly easy camera to use and I sometimes throw it in my camera bag for snaps of whatever it is I am doing.

Other features of this camera are:
1. Shutter button.
2. Rewind button.
3. Shot counter.
4. Self timer button.
5. Flash.
6. Lens cap slider.
7. Wristband tether point.
8. Large Viewfinder.
9. Tripod mount.
10. A window so you can see what film you have loaded in the camera.
11. A 34mm lens.

Thank you for looking at my blog.



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