Lomo Metropolis 35mm film

On the same day that I shot the Revolog Tesla 2, I shot this role of 35mm, ISO 100-400, colour negative Lomo Metropolis film. This film has been carefully crafted to produce desaturated, high-contrast photos. These places are normally filled with people and it was surreal to see them so empty on a lovely day in May. This was the first roll of Lomo Metropolis, I enjoyed the look that it gave me and have more in the fridge to shoot very soon. Little did I know back in May when I was around the City that in January we would be in another Lockdown. I took some photos from Stephens Green Shopping Centre to the River Liffey on film, then I have some digital photos from there to the Spire. I should have gone to Templebar to see how quiet it was. Maybe when this Lockdown ends, I might go in, as the pubs are still closed.


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